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Forest School Testimonials

The following quotes are taken from feedback forms completed by participants, accompanying staff, parents and class teachers

"I really liked everything about Forest School. It was fun and my favourite bit was lighting fires" (Participant)


"Ethan looked forward to his Forest School session every week, without fail, no matter what the weather was like. He came home each week and told us enthusiastically about everything he had done, the hot chocolate at the end of the session was a winner as was the lighting fires" (Parent)


"Stuart held the children's attention brilliantly and kept them excited about the next task" (Teaching assistant)


"Stuart managed a mixed ability group with much sensitivity, balancing safety issues with freedom" (Teaching assistant)


"The activities allowed children to do different activities that most children would not have the chance to do. eg making charcoal, making pencils from elder. They worked as a team using saws and peelers safely and with respect of themselves, their team mates and the tools used" (Teaching assistant)


"My son always had lots to tell me after a session at Forest School. He seemed to really enjoy it" (Parent)


"I enjoy making the pencils and pea shooters as well as making fires" (participant)


"Some students have become more content and happier in school" (class teacher)


"Very good experience for the children, they have enjoyed and benefitted from this. Thank you" (class teacher)

Wellbeing in Nature Testimonials

“It was really good, a lot of my anger felt lifted”


“It’s awesome”


“When you are making something, you are just concentrating on that – you are able to focus and you don’t think about your problems”


“It was good to do something together – like we were bonding”


“It was therapeutic, carving wood was really calming”


“I felt stress release when I was there”


“I enjoyed it, it made me feel motivated”


“I felt happy, the only thing that could improve it – is if it was longer”


“Since I’ve been coming to these sessions I’ve felt able to go for a walk in the park and to cafes for a cup of tea, I haven’t been able to do that for a few years”


“Helping out with jobs makes me feel more confident”

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