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What do we need for Forest School?

Hakeford Woods Forest School will provide specialist equipment necessary for Forest School sessions including first aid equipment and tools needed for activities.
It is essential that all children and adult participants wear appropriate clothing to protect themselves from cuts, scrapes, extremes of heat or cold and insect bites.

 Requirements for moderate to cold weather (Autumn, Winter, Spring):
  • Full length trousers

  • Long sleeved tops

  • Waterproof trousers and/or a spare pair of trousers

  • Long sleeved fleece or jumper

  • Waterproof coat with hood

  • Warm boots (in winter wellies can lead to cold feet, but if no warm boots are available, make sure that wellies have enough space for warm socks)

  • Warm socks and a spare pair

  • Gloves, warm hat and scarf

  • Backpack to carry spare clothes and food/drink.


Requirements for warmer weather (Summer only):
  • Full length trousers

  • Long sleeved top

  • Waterproof trousers and/or spare pair of trousers

  • Boots or trainers suitable for walking on rough ground (no sandals or flip flops)

  • Sun hat (with peak/brim)

  • Light jumper or jacket in case of weather change

  • Sun cream

  • Backpack to carry spare clothes and food/drink


Forest School staff will take extra drinking water to the site and will carry sun cream (in hot weather). However, participants need to bring a full water bottle to each session and are responsible for bringing their own sun cream (or have it applied before arrival). Due to issues with skin sensitivity, Hakeford Woods Forest School will not provide insect repellent for participants. If you wish to use insect repellent please ensure it is applied to participants before the session.

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