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Activities at Forest School

The possibilites for activities are endless because we are lucky enough to have a permanent Forest School site.   The activities that take place in an individual session will be determined by the season and the weather, as well as by the age and abilities of the participants. The information on this page is just a rough guide to some of the experiences that we will provide.

Young children
  • ​Interactive storytelling

  • Games

  • Songs

  • Learning knots

  • Making pictures and sculptures from natural materials

  • Pond dipping

  • Hunting for minibeasts

  • Crafts

  • Identification of plants and animals

  • Den building for toys

  • Den building

  • Campfire building and cooking

  • Tool use (including bowsaws, hacksaws, secateurs and potato peelers)

  • Learning knots

  • Nature identification

  • Pond dipping

  • Crafts using natural materials

  • Designing and following trails

  • Building using natural materials

  • Rope work

Older Children
  • ​Building more advanced shelters and understanding their traditioinal uses

  • Advanced fire lighting

  • Campfire cooking

  • Rope work

  • Green woodworking

  • Knot tying

  • Tool use

  • Species identification and ecological surveys

  • Conservation activities

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